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Shania Twain has more than made a name for herself in country music, and now she’s set her sights on the silver screen. Twain has an acting role — her first ever — in a new film called Trading Paint, out Feb. 22.
“I can’t wait for you all to see this Trading Paint,” Twain tells fans.
Yes, that’s her alongside iconic actor John Travolta in the trailer for a film that follows a dirt track racer who’s battling the years both on and off the track. It also looks to focus on a strained father-son relationship — their troubles often find their way onto the track.”I’m filming a movie called Trading Paint with some amazing actors right now. John Travolta’s the lead,” Twain revealed in a 2017 interview about the movie. “That’s super fun and exciting, I’m having a blast. It’s my first acting movie experience so I didn’t know what to expect, I had no idea what this was going to be at all, but it’s been really comfortable. And John’s such a great support. It’s an elite group of people and I’m just learning from them and having a blast.”
Twain seems to be enjoying this time navigating a new path in her life and career.

“It was definitely a mark in time, psychologically,” Twain said of turning 50 a few years back. “I reflected a lot on, ‘Wow, 50 years have gone by.’ It made me more thoughtful about where I’d come from and where I started more than about the actual number. Turning 50 was about taking the time to recognize where I’ve been and how far I’ve come.”Jason Aldean made his acting debut in 2013 in Sweetwater playing Daniel, a henchman to actor Jason Isaacs’ Prophet Josiah. The singer has a few lines and gets to kill some people, but he spoiled how the movie ends — for him, anyway. It’s sad. January Jones and Ed Harris also star in the movie.The Lincoln Lawyer was Trace Adkins‘ most high-profile role until he took one of the leads in The Virginian. He didn’t slow down from there, either. The singer played a sheriff in 2013’s A Country Christmas and worked alongside Grey’s Anatomy star Sarah Drew in Mom’s Night Out (2014). Adkins got his TV start on an episode of Yes Dear in 2004 and then did voice work for several episodes of King of the Hill.John Travolta has starred in 46 motion pictures. Together, they have grossed $2,404,381,964 at the box office alone. For an average of $52,269,173.This racing movie was filmed on the grounds of the Talladega Superspeedway. But, it wasn’t filmed on the NASCAR track like the ‘Talladega Nights’ blockbuster. Instead, it was filmed at the tiny dirt track across the street.A big Hollywood movie about dirt track racing with A-list movie stars side-by-side with other characters named ‘Redneck’ hasn’t been done. Thus, Trading Paint has grabbed the attention of hardcore grassroots racing fans all over America.This next film by Travolota isn’t intended to break box records. Since 2013, Travolta has done three movies with a combined gross of 4.5 million. He’s elected to choose films that he enjoys. Thus, we are soon to be gifted with a movie about dirt track racing.This was Travolta’s first time behind the wheel of a dirt race car. And yes, he did the driving himself. It started in the parking lot of the Talladega Short Track as Travolta got used to the feeling of the dirt late model.Watch the Trading Paint trailer below.Travolta will star as Sam Munroe. His character is a ‘washed up’ race car driver who’s turned car owner. He fields a dirt late model with his son Cam Munroe behind the wheel. Cam is played by Toby Sebastian.Cam elects to break away from his father’s race team. That puts Sam back behind the wheel. It’s a father son battle on the local dirt track for the championship.It’s always a gamble when a film studio does a movie about racing of any sort. Hollywood has done Formula 1 and NASCAR with varying degrees of success, finally deciding that NASCAR is better done as a comedy while Formula 1 needs a heavy dose of plot signposts to get a general American audience through the intricacies of the sport. But now, it’s dirt track racing’s turn in the spotlight.

A bearded and strangely accented John Travolta stars alongside Shania Twain and Michael Madsen in “Trading Paint,” a drama about dirt track racing filmed in Alabama. Travolta’s blue-collar character appears to have been dialed up way past 11, right down to a nametag on his shirt, a well-worn baseball cap and the obligatory fight in a bar with interior decorations from 1980.

Madsen plays the villain, of course, with the help of his trademark hat (when was the last time Madsen did not wear a cowboy hat in a film?), while Twain appears to be in the cast to lend the film some Southern credibility. Meanwhile, Toby Sebastian plays Travolta’s impatient and rebellious son who wants to strike out on his own and comes under the influence of the villain, a plot twist revealed in the trailer, forcing Travolta’s character to get back into racing — another plot point revealed in the trailer. Kevin Dunn (playing a character nicknamed Stumpy), Buck Taylor and Luis Da Silva round out the genuinely impressive cast — how did they get all these actors together? — while Karzan Kader directs.
The singer-turned-actress says that having Travolta’s seasoned on-camera experience was a life-saver, making her first acting role a pleasure. Acting is something she says she hopes to do more of in the future.

“I enjoyed it and I enjoyed getting to know John,” Twain says. “He’s a very sweet person. I’ve known him for several years now just on short little chats, but now [working on] this movie, we got to know each other a little bit better. I’m just lucky to have this film experience because he’s been very nurturing. He coached me through it.”

Twain appeared in the 2004 feature film I Heart Huckabee for a brief cameo as herself, and has starred in numerous music videos, but Trading Paint marks her first official acting role in a movie. The film was filmed in Alabama in 2017, and is set for release on Feb. 22, 2019.

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