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A group of African-American male strippers in New Jersey are making the dancers in Magic Mike look downright chaste in the upcoming documentary This One’s for the Ladies. Directed by Gene Graham, the film explores the world of exotic dancing through the eyes of the underground strip troupe The Nasty Boyz and the hundreds of women who gather every Thursday night for the chance to throw dollar bills at them.

At its core, the documentary is about ‘the sexual and social identity of contemporary black America,’ but the film’s wild red-band trailer makes it clear that there is plenty of raunchy fun that will likely make more than a few viewers blush.
The Nasty Boyz, an exotic dancing troupe founded by twins Tyga and Raw Dawg, bring the heat every Thursday when they perform in Newark at the Dojo, a karate school by day and a male strip joint by night.Much like Tyga and Raw Dawg, the performers have cheeky nicknames such as Satan, Fever, and Young Rider. Among the group is Blaze, a lesbian ‘dom’ dancer who tours with her male counterparts.

The trailer for This One’s for the Ladies opens with an emcee hyping up the crowd before the strippers take the stage.

‘Y’all want to see some d**ks tonight? Say God damn!’ she yells, as the women in the audience jump out of their seats and scream.The NC-17 trailer features one dancer slowly taking off his shirt and another doing a split on two chairs while a dollar bill is hanging out of his black G-string.

The crowd is going wild the entire time, and the scene puts any moments from the fictionalized Magic Mike films to shame.’I’m looking at ladies, and they are like, [makes shocked expression]. Like they’ve never seen d**k,’ one woman says of the crowd, while someone else adds: ‘Women get horny even though they won’t admit to it.’

Many of the women featured in the trailer agree that the Thursday night potluck celebration with a side of bumping and grinding is an escape from their everyday lives.’It’s just grown people having a good time — good music, drinking, eating, just a step out of your reality for a few hours,’ one woman says.

‘This is my de-stress to me. I go hang out, have fun, maybe have a shot,’ another adds.One fan actually thanks God for the raunchy dances, saying: ‘If the Lord didn’t make this profession, then we wouldn’t be enjoying it.’

Throughout the trailer, the barely-dressed performers can be seen gyrating, rolling on the ground, and being touched by their titillated fans.Unsurprisingly, the popular night out is a prime money maker for the dancers, who take home hundreds of dollars if not more.’Based on their performance and who they are, they easily have made a thousand dollars a night,’ one woman explains.

Many of the dancers seem just as enthusiastic about their chosen profession, with one man saying: ‘This is a great life. It’s provided for me and my family.’Another dancer reveals he is the first male in his family to go to college. Like the women, some of the performers find dancing to be a release.’When I’m entertaining, that’s my outlet, that’s my own therapy,’ one man says.

This One’s for the Ladies debuted last year at the SXSW Film Festival, where Neon snatched it up for film distribution.Although there is no specific release date as of yet, the documentary is slated to hit theaters in spring 2019.That’s not the only thing spanking about the new label — “The One’s for the Ladies” is sure to slap.

As the official synopsis details: “Every Thursday Night hundreds of women gather for a potluck celebration and the chance to throw singles at the hottest dancers in New Jersey, The Nasty Boyz — featuring Satan, Mr. Capable, Fever, Young Rider and lesbian ‘dom’ dancer Blaze. ‘This One’s for the Ladies’ isn’t just about the tips or the dancing. It’s a heartwarming story of friendship and the resilience that comes from the community. Hilarious, eye-opening, and breathtakingly sexy, ‘This Ones for the Ladies’ is a virtual how-to guide for letting go of your troubles and having a good time.”

As one middle-aged woman announces in the newly released Red Band trailer: “Women get horny, even though they won’t admit to it.” Another reassures her (and any potential audience tongue clickers): “If the lord didn’t make this profession, then we wouldn’t be enjoying it.”

“Magic Mike” may have been a movie fantasy for some women, at least until “Magic Mike Live” launched in Las Vegas. “This One’s for the Ladies”showcases a vibrant and thriving community of dance shows and the people who enjoy them, and finds the humanity behind the G-strings.

Super, LTD will release “The One’s for the Ladies” in theaters in spring, 2019.
The New Jersey Nasty Boyz, a group of black “dom” dancers founded by twins Tyga and Raw Dawg, make a lot of women horny at the Dojo, a karate studio by day and a male strip club by night. But director Gene Graham’s documentary isn’t for the Boyz, it’s for the ladies who have been coming together and throwing dollars at the boys’ penises for years. (Heads-up: This One’s For The Ladies shows lots of big hard naked dicks.) There are so many ways these stories could have been mishandled or misrepresented, and yet the cast is treated with dignity and humor. It’s funny. It’s hot. And many of the interviews are so compassionate and complex, they could easily be iconic if the documentary gets a large enough audience. It feels like the Paris Is Burning of underground male strippers in New Jersey, and it’s astonishing how much humanity can come out of a little dick dancing.

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